Monday, January 27, 2014

It’s time for the She Who Sews Blog Hop…and a giveaway

For the next couple weeks you can join the blog hop over at for the She Who Sews fabrics.  It is such a fun line of fabric.  We still have a little left in stock, so it’s not too late to get inspired & whip up something for your sewing cave!


23063 X-001


Connie of Freemotion by the River blogged a couple CUTE wall hangings today & we are sponsoring a giveaway on her blog!

You must comment on her blog post, not here, to enter.  Click the logo above or here.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Confetti-a baby quilt from the X-blocks Basix ruler

Doesn’t this look like confetti!?

Fabrics N Quilts Basix X-Blocks Confetti Scrap Quilt

When I found the X-Blocks Basix ruler uses jelly roll size strips, so off to my scrap bin I skipped.  Yes, it was last June that I skipped (if this looks familiar).

I had plenty of strips cut, so I was able to put together a plan pretty quickly.

The X-blocks rulers use a simple nine patch block, then, using the ruler, you square it up on an angle.  You can see my quick tute here.

Here’s a shot of my 9 patches in progress:

Fabrics N Quilts Confetti blocks

So this is a finally finished UFO.  It’s not that it took long to quilt or bind, but this has lingered for 7 months as a top…and now it can find a baby to love Smile

Fabrics N Quilts Basix X-Blocks Confetti Scrap Quilt-001

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crumb Quilt-you gotta love scrappy

I love mindless scrappy quilts as much as the planned scrappy ones.  What’s a mindless scrappy quilt?  That’s where you can put anything with anything.  String quilts are another good example.

Fabrics N Quilts String Quilt

This is the culmination of the crumb blocks I showed you earlier.  I have made these blocks for years…even before I knew they had a name.  I thought I had come up with a unique way to use my scraps when I learned from a friend that they had a name and Bonnie Hunter had a tutorial on her website.  I’d like to say “great minds think alike,” but I’m not in the same universe of scrappy as Bonnie.  She’s beyond awesome when it comes to using your scraps (and organizing them too).  I’ll be seeing her in London KY in March…maybe I should bring my quilt?!

Fabrics N Quilts Crumb Scrap Quilt

Fabrics N Quilts Crumb Scrap Quilt-001

Fabrics N Quilts Crumb Scrap Quilt-002

The only new fabric is the the gray (Moda-Bungle Jungle) and the backing (also gray). It finished at 58x70”.  I quilted it with the brightest variegated thread I had in loopy’s that emulate the loopy’s in the gray fabric.  I also tried to make sure I quilted each piece of fabric, which was challenging, given the size of some of the scraps.  I got better than 95%.  I have washed this quilt and that gave it even more dimension.

As you’ve seen earlier this week, I am on a UFO mission.  This one snuck in & just cried out for finishing.  It is so nice to just sew as the wind blows.  No real plan AND use up the scraps!

I already have my plan for the next crumb block project.  It will be a while, as I will be making the crumb blocks just as leaders & enders until my UFO mission is complete, er, further along.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a wedding remembered- - in quilts

These are not my oldest UFO’s but they are/WERE among them.

My cousin was married in 2004.  Though I didn’t know her at the time, I can tell you it was a great party.  When we did meet in 2010, she told me about these squares from her reception & maybe I could do something with them.  They had just sat at her place for 6 years, so she figured it was progress.

wedding squares quilt-005

Little did we know, they would sit here almost another 3 1/2 years.

At her reception she put out 200 or more 4” squares of muslin backed with freezer paper.  She asked her guests to draw a snowman and/or write a sentiment on the squares.  I received over 160 squares.  This was such a great idea!  What a way to really capture the day and keep it close!

Since so many of the squares were utilized right up to the edge, I had no choice but to raw edge applique.  To make sure the fabric behind the applique didn’t show, I fused a solid white square to the back of the muslin squares before I did the blanket stitching.

wedding squares quilt-004

Not knowing the type of pen used, I didn’t want to make a quilt that would require laundering.  With so many squares, that meant 2 wall hangings.  This works out pretty good, since they have 2 kids (see, waiting pays off!).  I separated the written sentiments out & figured the layout of the snowmen.  It was a blessing that the settings I chose used every single square.  Serendipity!  I used a panel in the red quilt which really tied it all together.

wedding squares quilt

Each quilt has a hanging sleeve & I put a Hang it Dang it hanger in the box too.  Since the 10 year anniversary is next month, this should make for a nice gift Smile.  I just hope they have wall space!

wedding squares quilt-001wedding squares quilt-002wedding squares quilt-003

My cousin nearly lost her life last year to a rare blood disorder, eosinophilia.  She is still fighting through her rehab and is so brave to work so hard.  She’s a great mom, wife, and child of God.  She is also my living example of the power of prayer. 

If you decide to use this idea, here are my tips: 

    1. Use archival pens (Micron, etc.)  .05 size gives a good line for this type of application.  Provide lots of colors.
    2. Use a good quality solid fabric.  Test the pens on the fabric.  Does it wash well after marking?
    3. Draw a 1/2” seam allowance on your squares & ask folks to stay within the line.  This gives you room to square it up later & not lose any of the image.  AND you can incorporate the squares via patchwork and not applique.
    4. Giving a theme is a great idea

Monday, January 20, 2014

First Ladies Quilt-First big finish of 2014

I am on a mission.  A UFO mission.

My UFO’s are sucking the creative spirit right out of me, so I am on a mission to finish them up.  I set up a calendar to work on each one & plan to be done by April with enough of them that I can actually clean my studio…and find more!

The first victim of the UFO mission was quilting the 2013 Block of the Month we did in the shop.  Yup, the block of the month top got quilted at the beginning of the next year.  Don’t judge. 

This actually worked out well.  The customer that purchased this quilt was able to customize the finished quilt by choosing her backing, binding, & have input on the quilting. 

This is my first really “custom” quilting on one of my own quilts.  It took 3 weeks to finish the quilting.  Now that doesn’t mean that I worked on it non-stop or even every day, but that’s a long time to work on one quilt, for me, for now.

Fabrics N Quilts-First Ladies-004Fabrics N Quilts-First LadiesFabrics N Quilts-First Ladies-002Fabrics N Quilts-First Ladies-003

So, there’s the first one off the list.  I will have more to show soon.  I’m really staying focused.  Let’s hope I can keep up the pressure to be a finisher!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Crumb Block Quilt Top

I stole away some time to play with my crumb blocks yesterday.  Now we have a top!

Crumb Quilt

The strips hanging down the middle are going to be my first border.  The 2nd border will be pieced.  This will be about 60x70 when done.  Perfect for those cold evenings watching movies.

Always feels good to work with my scraps.  Especially those little bity bits!

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Pizza Box Swap Quilt

Our guild is doing something pretty fun this year that I thought some of you may want to do where you live.

We call it The Pizza Box Swap.

  • Each participant will chose fabrics for their own quilt.  No one can add fabrics to your box (quilt), so get everything in your box.  Write your name on the outside of your box
  • Include 2 yards of your focus fabric & 2 yards of your background fabric.  From there, add whatever you like: scraps, fat quarters, etc.  4-8 fabrics at least.  Know your group…are there folks that only piece or only applique?  Make sure you have options for them in your selections.
  • Tape a swatch of your 2 main fabrics to the inside lid of the pizza box & label
  • Write any special requests on the inside lid of your box.   For example, “Please pin your name to your block so I know which you made.”
  • You make the first block for your own box.  We chose 12.5” blocks
  • Any technique goes for block making.  The only 2 rules the Quilt Police enforce is ONLY FABRIC FROM THE BOX & BLOCK MUST BE 12.5”

Get everyone together with their boxes & swap.  You won’t see your box again until the swapping (each month/week/whatever) is done & everyone has made a block for each other  (12 participants=12 months).

Let me know if you decide to do this swap in your guild.  I’d love to follow along virtually!

I am using the Garden of Enchantment fabrics

Garden of Enchantment

and here is my block for my box


It’s a free pattern from Quilter’s Cache, Mosaic 4