Monday, February 10, 2014

It’s time for some early spring cleaning

I’ve done it now.  There’s no going back without some organization.

I play a pretty good game of stash hide & seek.  Today I pulled it all out & now the sorting & organizing shall begin.

stash organizationstash organization-001

The first step?  Invite the guild over to raid it.  Hey what ever they take is one less thing to put away.  Yes, you see full kits and fat quarter bundles in that 2nd pic.  I have a super generous customer that is also cleaning & organizing her space & she has donated to the cause.  The guild ladies will be very happy.

Remember I said the UFO’s are stifling my creativity.  So is the disorganization.  At least the organizing can be done in a few days…unlike the UFO’s.

I keep looking at this & telling myself….”just think how nice it will all look when I am done.”  plus I am getting a jump on spring cleaning!  Who knows..maybe I will rearrange my whole room!


Andee said...

What lukcy ladies!!!

Cindy said...

Lucky guild! How do you let go though? I have to keep it all! I am on a fabric diet too. I only buy what I need to finish quilts. Not for any miraculous reason, but because I'm unemployed because of health issues. Thus, no money to buy cute fabrics.

scottylover said...

When I belonged to a guild be had a "freebie" table that was set up every meeting. Anything on there was fair game. I got some great scraps and patterns from it! Bet the ladies in your guild are quite happy today!

Brenda said...

Oh my! I would have felt so guilty if I were there because I would want it all! Lucky guild members!