Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Organizing scraps

As quilters, we all know that we have to keep a handle on our scraps & stash…or have a door that we can close behind us when we leave the room.

I’m not so lucky as to have a door.  Matter of fact, I create in a public place-the quilt shop classroom.  So I have found a balance between hiding & organizing.  This week I have made a huge dent in organizing.

On Monday I reduced the amount I had to organize (see it here).  The rest of this week I am going through the small bits and cutting 2.5” squares


What’s in the basket was yesterday’s success.  The stack in front is today’s goal.  (For info on why I drew cross hatch lines on my GO die, click here:

I am veering off my UFO finishing calendar to get this finished.  It’s a UFO too, if you want to spin it that way.  BUT it wasn’t on my calendar.

So, the next question is always, “what are you going to make with them?”  I usually don’t plan that far ahead when getting the scraps cut into sizes/shapes.  Matter of fact, I still have a huge pile of the 2.5” strips I cut last spring.  That said, I think I do have a plan for some of these squares.  I love the cover quilt from the Loose Change book

And don’t forget this is the size we are using in our current Scrap Quilt Challenge!

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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I try and keep my scraps in certain sizes too. The 2 1/2 is a favorite of mine and I took a peek at your post about using the GO to square of HSTs.....great idea!