Monday, September 15, 2014

Did you miss the boat?

You missed a great opportunity last week!  We had only 15(!!) entries for the Blank Quilting Florabella fat quarter giveaway!

Congrats to Maryellen!

teachpany said... Have a blast at the show! I've used Blank fabrics, and their backings are great. I love wide backings. It's so much faster to finish a quilt, if you don't have to piece a back. I can't think of any particular quilt I've done from their fabrics, though. I do have lots of finishes on my blog, but don't recall which were Blank!


We just received some new Blank quilting fabrics including some great graphic steampunk prints.  Stay tuned as we get those online!


Rina Mason said...

Congratulations Maryellen! I can't believe I missed it but then again I was so sick from fighting some crud that my sister was kind enough to pass to me that I didn't care about anything except getting my revenge on her when I get well. lol

SewCalGal said...

Congratulations to Maryellen! Yeah.


teachpany said...

Whooohooo! Thanks! I do really love Blank fabrics.