Saturday, February 28, 2015

So I promised I’d write…

Best laid plans of mice & men…

Just when I promised to rededicate myself to being a better blogger…Mother Nature gives me a forced time out.

2015-02-22 16.52.252015-02-22 16.52.28

In the midst of all that timber are my power and phone lines to the shop.  Since we wanted the co-op’s to focus on getting folks back in their homes, we waited patiently all week.  Friday afternoon around 4pm, the angels arrived!  I am glad we were extra cautious crossing the lines all week.  They were HOT (bite you) as they lay waiting for the angels in the bucket trucks to arrive.

2015-02-27 15.10.52

The ice is really beautiful piled up on the branches & leaves, 

2015-02-21 15.20.132015-02-21 15.20.20

but it is a helpless feeling standing inside just listening to the crack & fall of each limb.  Other than slips on the ice (yeah, ugh), there were no serious injuries.  Our Maples & Magnolia should survive and the temps have finally started to rise and start the thaw.  I suppose it’s funny to folks in colder climates how a southerner reacts to snow & ice, but it is what it is.  The shop was a constant 40 degrees inside by Wednesday.  I was able to keep our online sale going by bundling up & using the sunlight to measure.  I’m proud to say that online customers saw no delay in any of our services during our closure that burdened our local peeps.  It’s just how we roll.  We do what we can, where we can, the best we can.  Let the chips fall where they may.

So, I’m back, still promising to be a better blogger.  What did you do last week?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow and wind are the order of the day

or so it seems

2015-02-18 09.05.32

The snow is powdery & easily drifting, so even though I did shovel, it may not look like it in an hour.

The sun has come out, so we are hoping that the ice will melt a bit.  Seems funny to hope for melting, since our low tonight is –10.  It’ll just be a new sheet of ice again soon.

We are blessed to have continual power & no frozen water lines, food in the house and a little dog to act as foot warmer.  Hope your blessings abound this week too!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

End of Bolt #Destash Sale

2015-02-17 07.48.39

Though we are snowed in (and boy is it cold), we are having a hot time with our End of Bolt sale!

Pop over to the Deal of the Day section of the website & see the current HOT deals!

Here’s how it works:  Each day I add a fabric that has less than 5 yards remaining.  When it sells out, I will replace it with a new one.  If it doesn’t sell by morning, I will add a fabric.  So, it’s Day 2 and there are now 2 HOT deals!

…and when I say HOT, I mean H-O-T!!  Prices are at least 60% off.  PLUS(++), you are buying the end of the bolt, which usually means Jackpot-extra inches!

so pop over to our destash sale & check it out.  I’m going to grab another cuppa Joe & head back to quilting!

Monday, February 16, 2015

My apologies to my neglected blog followers

Hello!  My name is Shannon and I am a bad blogger.

I have fallen victim to the ease and quickness of the Facebook post, Instagram upload & tweet.  The blank page of the blog post has become a source of writer’s block. 

I hope that you follow us on our other social media outlets and have been keeping up with our quilting exploits!

We have some big things on tap this year and I’m vowing to be a more consistent blogger for you!  I hope you can forgive me for my past indiscretions.

For today, I’ll share with you our biggest news.

We are completely redesigning our website to bring you a new, totally rad, shopping experience.  More on that as we get a bit closer.

I told you that story to tell you this one: You can help us make our new website go live faster and you can save a bunch of dough too.

We don’t really want to enter hundreds of bolts of fabric that have small amounts left.  We’d rather enter all the new fabrics! 


So, we are having a bolt-end sale!

These bolts will have less than 5 yards on them & they will be priced to entice!

Each day we will add a new fabric to our Deal of the Day section.  If it sells before the day is out, we will add another right away.  But regardless of if it sells or not on the first day, we are adding another fabric the next morning.  Also, these are our bolt-ends.  Your chances are awesome that you’ll snap up some Jackpot-extra inches!

Our first fabric is this cute chicken coop print at over 60% off-just $4/yard!!!  There are 4 yards left.

Sharing is caring!  Hit a button below & share our good news!