Monday, March 30, 2015

AQS QuiltWeek Paducah


Are you going to Paducah?  So are WE!  Come see us in Booth #4503.

We are in the Pavillion (the Dome, the Bubble) and we are looking forward to tons of FNQ selfies!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Match any fabric to Moda Solids and Aurifil

Yup, you heard that right.  Check out this new gizmo!  The Moda Palette Builder.

palette builder.bmp

Click the LOAD button.  Select an image from your computer.  Click ok.

That’s it!

You get instantaneous results of the solids that match your fabric. 

Use the + to add more colors to the list, or drag a circle & drop it on the color you are trying to match.

Use the round arrow to refresh the list.

I think I am in love!

Share your images on social media with #modapalettebuilder !  Tag us too-we’d love to see what you find -  #fabricsnquilts

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bloom is here just in time for the first day of Spring

It’s that time of year when everyone is ready to see daffodils bloom and tulips start to poke up from their long rest. 

Bloom’s arrival in the shop yesterday gave us just that feeling!  We all know that fabric is so much more, well, everything in person.  These designs are just heavenly.  The fabric designs were more vibrant & detailed than I expected.  It even felt better.  Maybe I just needed a fabric fix of petting a new collection of fabric.

{it happens}


Don’t forget; there are 2 free pattern downloads that I designed for this line for Quilting Treasures!

Click over & check them out!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pattern Blow Out Sale-All Patterns just 2 bucks

We are working hard getting organized for spring and all the new things that will bring.

We’ve rifled through our patterns & find we have just one or 2 of SEW many.

I asked each pattern, and each one said it was tired of living with me and wants to find its forever home. 

We have already added over 40 patterns and will be adding more all week.  Again, quantities are limited, so don’t ponder too long!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

We are almost there

I have decided that quilts have a second great purpose in my life.  First, of course, is to keep warm.  Moving into the second spot is their magnificent way of concealing a disasterously (yeah, it’s a word) disorganized stash.

On that note, doesn’t the classroom reset looks awesome?

Fabrics N Quilts classroom reset

There’s even a sneak peek in this photo of our next new pattern!

Thanks to all our local customers for bearing with us and supporting us with the disruption in our classroom availability.  It was so worth it!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Free Quilt Patterns

We are excited to announce our partnership with Quilting Treasures fabric!

You know about the free pattern downloads the fabric companies offer?  We are designing patterns to accompany the beautiful lines from Quilting Treasures!

Our first patterns just went live on the Quilting Treasures website & we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the fabric so we can make kits! 


(click here to see all the beautiful fabrics in this line)

Our bed runner design, Building Blocks, is 27” x 75”.  Click the picture for the free pattern!

Bloom Bed Runner Final

You can preorder your kit directly from me here:


Our lap quilt design, Climbing Ladder, is 53” x 78”. Click the picture for the free pattern!

Bloom Quilt Final.bmp

You can preorder your kit directly from me here:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

End of Bolt destash sale nearing an end

We have pored over the whole shop & are down to our last round of skinny bolts!

There are still 24 fabrics to choose from & we just added the batiks.  Pop over to, as these are sure to go fast!  Save 60% and most likely score some Jackpot extra inches to boot!

Monday, March 2, 2015

so, here’s my sneak peek

Our classroom is getting a facelift! 

We got bored during the recent power outage, so we pulled 98.732% (rough estimate) of the furniture out of the room & are giving the floor a pretty new look.

The foam/rubber mats were nice on the back & knees, but they didn’t stay flat.  Over the 2 years they were down, I had to cut out the puzzle piece sections to get them to lay flat.  I guess I mushed them down & stretched them out.  Whatever the reason, they are OUT! 

This is the only pic of the mats.  My little dog LOVES to be hot (note, she is wearing a coat!).  We have to put the heaters on tables to keep her from cuddling them.

maggie heater.04

Last year, while thumbing magazines in a doctor’s waiting room, I saw this cute little DIY ad from Dutch Boy.  I did what most folks would do…whipped out my cell phone camera…

paint b-a.43paint.27

Fast forward to now, I did a search & found this tute which is pretty similar, but also encompassing a base coat of paint (which the ad didn’t do). 

It looked like her tile was ceramic, mine was not, but had been primed before, so I knew the paint would work.

I decided to opt against the Epoxy style of product due to the potential smell and that it’s freezing cold outside. I am not opening the doors this time of year (unless the power goes out again).  I am using Glidden’s Porch & Floor (like the Dutch Boy product) mainly because it is easier to find here in my neck of the woods.

So, I cleaned the floor like a mad woman.  Bleach, hands & knees, scrub brush…I felt like Cinderella before the ball.

Then I primed- 2 coats with this:


and now we have the first coat of this suede-ish brown.  It will be a nice dark chocolate when all the coats are on. 

first coat.47

But you know me…I’m not going with just a brown floor. Oh NO! I’ll be putting some awesome stripes on this bad boy before it’s done!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

So you think I’d have some show and tell

After a week cooped up in the house, I know you are wondering how many projects I finished with all that time on my hands.  We had power at home from Sunday on, so there really was no excuse not to knock out some projects.


it was a mini-vaca from working the first day or so [ok, I was resting the twisted knee from my ice capade}.

I cleaned my sewing room at the house.  That took a while.  Since it isn’t used much, it becomes a dumping ground for things in limbo.  That finished, I decided to finish an embroidery job I took last summer.  Yes, summer.  I don’t do embroidery for hire, but I do make some exceptions. 

We have 2 guilds close to me; one at Historic Rugby.  The Rugby Quilters are hosting their biannual quilt show April 10-11 and wanted new polos for the occasion.  Since I created the logo design a few years ago, they came and asked if I would embroider them again.  Where they went wrong was to say, “we are in no hurry.  We just want them by the quilt show.”  What do you do when you don’t like to do something?  Me, I procrastinate!  And summer turned to fall, fall to winter.  So, I finally hunkered down, took a day & completed all the shirts.  I treated myself to chocolate and a Mountain Dew when I got done as a prize for finishing.  Not that I deserved it after 7 months, but I did it anyway.


Once I finished patting myself on the back for procrastinating, I made a denim throw rug for the kitchen.  It went into immediate service and I didn’t get a pic yet.  I used poly batting so it’s lofty-softy on the feet.  The dog thinks it’s her new bed.  It’s perfect for her, right at the stove for spilled grub & it’s comfy-cozy.  I make the mats out of denim squares (cut up jeans) & a scrap of whatever I grab out of the stash on the back.  Then I tie/tack it in every square with 3 strands of embroidery floss.  It’s all scraps, so when it wears out, gets stained, or we are tired of it, I just make another.  It’s easy to launder since there isn’t that rubbery backing that likes to crack & peel off in the dryer.  The last set lasted over 5 years.  I’ll try to remember to snap a pic tonight.

I also started on a jelly roll quilt using the new Bandana line.  It’s the last sample for my new pattern.  I am excited to show you more details soon!


Then on a whim I decided that I could manage a little renovation at the shop in the cold.  Yes, I am a glutton for punishment sometimes.  I stripped the entire class room of contents, sans 2 tables and the longarm.  We’ll have a fresh new look to inspire us very soon; more on that later!

So, there’s a recap of what you missed in my little world.  Pepper in some B&B hosting of family who’s power was out, shoveling, limb piling, and knee resting.  It was a good week, all in all. 

Next week will be even better!

{my new mantra} Pin it!