Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello Darling Build A Bundle-You pick & choose

 Hello Darling Build a Bundle at Fabrics N Quilts
Just added to Fabrics N!
Build a Bundle for Hello Darling by Bonnie & Camille

You choose your favorite 12 fabrics and build your own fat quarter or half yard bundle.  Get what you need & exactly what you want.

...and it always ships free to the US at Fabrics N Quilts!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dreaming in Fabric Mystery QAL-Tutorial-Block 2

A month has passed since we posted our first block; how are you enjoying digging in your scrap bins so far?

Remember, Kim from Persimon Dreams & I are each posting a tutorial today!  You will love Kim's block this month!  Pop over now & check it out:

My 2nd block for the Quilt-Along is a bit easier than last month, so I hope you enjoy that aspect of it!
This month we are again making a 12" finished block.  In my final reveal, we will use 8 of these blocks in my design.  Below is what you need to cut and stitch for ONE block. 
We'll call this one
Background  (cream) 
          (4) 4.5" x 2.5" rectangles
          (2) 4 7/8" square
Color 1- dark (red) 
          (12)  2.5" squares - mark diagonal line on wrong side of 8 squares
Accent-  (yellow) 
          (8) 2.5" squares - mark diagonal line on wrong side of all 8 squares
Focal- (green) 
          (4) 4.5" x 2.5" rectangles 
          (2) 4 7/8" square - mark diagonal line on wrong side squares
{Click on any of the images to enlarge, then your browser's back button to come back to the tutorial}

Step 1: Make flying geese (FG) units:
4 cream,   (4.5" X 2.5" rectangles)
With cream rectangle right side up, place a red 2.5" square on the right edge, aligning 3 sides of the square & rectangle.  The marked diagonal line should point from the middle top of the rectangle to the bottom right as shown below:
4 green  (4.5" X 2.5" rectangles)
With green rectangle right side up, place a yellow 2.5" square on the right edge, aligning 3 sides of the square & rectangle.  The marked diagonal line should point from the middle top of the rectangle to the bottom right as shown below:
Stitch directly on the line.  If you want to stitch up your scrap triangles, move over about 1/2 an inch & stitch again.  (Here's why I do this.)

Press the right triangle open to cover the corner.  After it's pressed up, then trim away your scrap piece.  If you've stitched the scrap triangle, cut between the 2 stitches, leaving 1/4" seam allowance for both pieces.  If you haven't, estimate 1/4" or feel free to rotary cut a 1/4" seam allowance.

Place yellow 2.5" square on the left corner of the cream rectangle unit.
Place red 2.5" square on the left corner of the green rectangle unit.
Repeat stitching, pressing & cutting steps above.

Step 2:  Make HST's
Place 2 cream 4 7/8" square right side up, place green 4 7/8" square right side together (RST) with each, aligning all sides of the squares.  Stitch 1/4" from each side of the drawn line.

Cut the drawn line, press toward the green fabric.  Trim up to 4.5" squares.  This will yield 4 squares. 

Step 3:  Assemble Rows
I like to lay my block pieces on the table so I can see just which side to stitch. 

I know there are several quilters that don't like open seams.  You can avoid the bulk in your seam & the open seam by spinning your seams on the back side of your block.  Here's a tutorial from Moda that will help & another from the July Scrap Quilt Challenge Designer, Joan Ford.
a.  Stitch, RST the top and bottom rows of the block.  These rows are the same:
Red 2.5" square, Green FG, Cream FG, Red 2.5" square.  Stitch 2:
Stitch RST across the row.  Press seam between Geese open.  Press other two seams toward squares.

b.  Stitch the sides of the center row.  Stitch 2:
Green Flying Geese, Cream Flying Geese.  Press seam between Geese open.

c.  Stitch Pinwheel center:
Stitch RST, Press seams open

d.  Stitch FG pairs (b, above) to each side of pinwheel center.  Note the geese point away from the pinwheel.

Step 4:  Sew Block
Stitch rows RST
Sew rows together.  Press seams open or toward outer rows.

So, where am I going with this....
If you put block 1 & 2 together, you will start to see some nice secondary designs form!  I wonder which of these will be in my final layout?  Tune back in on September 15th for our final block, a 6" block, & quilt design reveal!

There are print buttons at the end of the post for easy post printing & even editing what you print.  For example, if you don't need the pictures or all the text, this option will let you save paper & ink!  When we do our final reveal, we will make a consolidated pdf of all 3 tutorials & have that on our Free Patterns page (here).

Link up your blocks here or on Kim's post.  They will show on both blogs, so you only need to link up once!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Row by Row Experience winner at Fabrics N Quilts!

Row by Row Experience-2015Fabrics N Quilts-Row by Row Experience-2015

We've had our winner!  On August 12th, Katherine Capotosto brought in her fabulous quilt from rows collected during her summer travels.
Fabrics N Quilts-Row by Row-2015 WinerIn order, top to bottom, then left:
Ragtime Fabrics-Harrisonburg, VA
Witches Stitches-Big Flats, NY
Absolutely Fun Sewing & Embroidery-Murfreesboro, TN
Mid South Sewing-Murfreesboro, TN
Cotton Fields Quilt Shop-Washington DC
Creative Threads-Binghamton, NY
Fabrics N Quilts-Jamestown TN (that's us!)
Tranquility Quilts & Fabric Shop-Cypress, CA
To reward Katherine for using our Shark Attack row in her finished Row by Row quilt she received this great prize pack valued at over $200 in addition to her choice of 25 fat quarters!
Fabrics N Quilts Row by Row Grand Prize basket
We will have kits of Shark Attack online in November, so keep us bookmarked!  If plates are still available after Labor Day, we will also offer Scrapaholic to our online customers then.

We hope you are enjoying your travels & shop hopping!  For more information on the Row by Row Experience, visit their website!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Scrap Quilt Challenge-Sponsor Spotlight-Moda Fabrics

Have you ever had to introduce someone that has done so much for you that you can't begin to capture words?

That's where I find myself today.  Moda is such a great partner in not just my success, but the quilting industry as a whole.  In 10 years in this business, I've never heard a cross word about the company, its service, or staff.  They are generous with promoting our shops, independent fabric designers and pattern designers like you through the Moda Bake Shop!  (think of all small businesses in that circle!!) 

Moda has been supporting the quilting industry with top quality fabrics for quilting & home use since 1975 from their Dallas headquarters.  As a quilt shop owner, I can tell you that I support those companies that support me right back.  It just makes sense.  My sales rep has many years of experience in several aspects of the quilting industry.  She helps me make my business better and I think it is because it is her nature to do so, not that she was trained to do so.  That's what it's all about.  It's community.

Now that you know where I stand on Moda, let's get to the fun stuff!
Not only do they offer great tutorials on the Bake Shop from indie designers (yes, you can submit a pattern), but they also have

Don't miss the latest kits from Moda, Frivols!  Frivol kits are small quilt kits that include a 7" square pack (like a layer cake, but 7" squares), pattern, cute little extra freebies & a hinged collector tin.  A new Frivol will be released each month for the next year!  Great gifts to make or KEEP!
The first Frivol kit is just out & uses the new Hello Darling fabric from Bonnie & Camille.
Moda-Frivols-Hello Darling-Fabrics N Quilts

Moda-Frivols-Hello Darling-Fabrics N Quilts

Moda has generously donated this wonderful prize pack to one lucky Scrap Quilt Challenge winner!

Be sure to get your quilt entered in the Challenge for your chance; all the details are here. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Hello Darling-Bonnie & Camille-Free Shipping at Fabrics N Quilts

It has been a long summer waiting for this fabric to arrive & shower me with a Hello Darling (cue Conway Twitty)
Hello Darling-Bonnie & Camille-Fabrics N Quilts-Free US Shipping

This scrumptious line of fabric is now in-stock & shipping free to the US (like every order at Fabrics N Quilts).  We are also excited to offer you the Frivols kit featuring Hello Darling too!
{isn't this just a case of love here?}
Frivols-Hello Darling-Bonnie & Camille-Fabrics N Quilts-Free US Shipping

Each Hello Darling Frivols kit contains a new precut (that's the roll), 7" squares, a pattern for Kindred, the adorable hinged tin, and surprise extras.
Frivols-Hello Darling-Bonnie & Camille-Fabrics N Quilts-Free US Shipping
In addition to the full line of fabric and Frivols, we also have all 8 patterns designed by Bonnie & Camille for Hello Darling, including one perfect for all your Bonnie & Camille scraps!

Our international rates at Fabrics N Quilts are also discounted, as we want to share this kind of quilty goodness with everyone!  Click over & check it out!

Was playing around with my HST's and this happened

I have been doing a good job with my leader & ender HST's from backing.  Squared up a bunch a couple weeks ago.

{yes, I really wanted to throw that thready confetti}
Since the pile is growing, I am getting more of an itch to figure out what to actually do with them.

I've thought about chains and bows, but got to thinking about contrast.  Light versus dark sides of the HST.
All the scraps above are from my Dreaming in Fabric QAL blocks, so they have this contrast.  But,since I rarely bind quilts in a light color, my "trash triangles" from binding are mostly dark fabrics.

So I decided to try something.  I am sure I can perfect the flow of it as I do it more often, but here it is.

Kids, DO try this at home!

I had a scrap of Bonnie & Camille's Sherbert from Miss Kate (Hello Darling is HERE and shipping free in the US, by the way).
With RST, I put the trash triangles on top and stitched zig zag from one triangle to the next.  (I changed bobbin thread so you could more easily see my second pass when I did the opposite side.  (click pic to enlarge)

I didn't care if they were straight or evenly spaced.  I am just going to cut them up anyway.  I can usually get a 1.5" cut HST from my trash triangles.

This may be a way of not only using up small 2.5" strip scraps, but also stitching those trash triangles in less time.  See, I'd do 4 as my leader/ender this way instead of just 1.

You may already do this & this may have been around for generations.  I am usually fashionably late.  If you are like me, I hope it gives you ideas & a smidge of inspiration.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's the World's Longest Yardsale week!

Beginning the first Thursday of every August (but honestly folks are selling & shopping on Monday prior), the World's Longest Yardsale kicks up the dust on the backroads for bargain hunters to shop til they drop.

You've probably seen the game-show-type show that HGTV does each year during the sale.  This is where most folks get their first glimpse of the yard sale wonderment.

Over the years I have enjoyed funnel cakes as big as my head, been a traffic cop to get folks out of the parking lot, and scored lots of great finds. (our prior sale posts are here)

Yesterday I snagged this already repainted beverage cart for a new shop display.  Oh the bolts & fun she will see in her new life!
 Look how nice those kits fit in the little cubbies! (and how about that dress pattern floor <3 p="">
and this folding table top easel.  (You will see this at shows, I betcha!)

So the sale has yet to start, but I am already enjoying meeting quilters happy to find a place to relax and pet some fabric.  Met a wonderful soon-to-be new grandma yesterday that will be making a Jellybean quilt in some cute 30's strips when she gets back home to Houston.

Of course, we are ready to also welcome our Row by Rowers during the sale, but if you are shop hopping without the want to also yardsale, please call first so we can give you alternate directions.  It will be a longer drive this week, so we understand if you want to postpone your trip until next week.  We will see you soon & can't wait to share our row with you!