Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's the World's Longest Yardsale week!

Beginning the first Thursday of every August (but honestly folks are selling & shopping on Monday prior), the World's Longest Yardsale kicks up the dust on the backroads for bargain hunters to shop til they drop.

You've probably seen the game-show-type show that HGTV does each year during the sale.  This is where most folks get their first glimpse of the yard sale wonderment.

Over the years I have enjoyed funnel cakes as big as my head, been a traffic cop to get folks out of the parking lot, and scored lots of great finds. (our prior sale posts are here)

Yesterday I snagged this already repainted beverage cart for a new shop display.  Oh the bolts & fun she will see in her new life!
 Look how nice those kits fit in the little cubbies! (and how about that dress pattern floor <3 p="">
and this folding table top easel.  (You will see this at shows, I betcha!)

So the sale has yet to start, but I am already enjoying meeting quilters happy to find a place to relax and pet some fabric.  Met a wonderful soon-to-be new grandma yesterday that will be making a Jellybean quilt in some cute 30's strips when she gets back home to Houston.

Of course, we are ready to also welcome our Row by Rowers during the sale, but if you are shop hopping without the want to also yardsale, please call first so we can give you alternate directions.  It will be a longer drive this week, so we understand if you want to postpone your trip until next week.  We will see you soon & can't wait to share our row with you!

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