Thursday, October 29, 2015

Don't forget to sign up for our Row by Row kit reminder

November 1st is Sunday.  For all you Row by Row Experience fanatics, you already know what that means!

For those not familiar, November 1st is the first day shops are allowed to use their Row by Row designs as they so choose.

We will be selling kits and patterns in our online shop & in the store.  We do not take pre-orders, but do have a reminder email list.  (if you missed my post on the dangers of preorders and my quilting philosophy in general, it's a good read).

So if you'd like a reminder on Monday, November 2nd with a direct link to our kits & patterns, just drop an email to me now!  We will blog the links Monday too, so if you are on the road & don't have access to email right's all good.

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