Sunday, February 12, 2017

Quilted EMbrace delivery to Signature Healthcare of Fentress County

A most wonderful afternoon

This past Tuesday afternoon, we gathered all our Quilted EMbrace quilts, and some wonderful snacks for our distribution of quilts at Signature Healthcare of Fentress County. 

We did a little photo shoot on Monday. 
Thanks to Alive in the Spirit Church and Mark Justice for helping us capture all this beauty.

Quilted EMbrace is a 501(c)3 charity founded by Linda Thielfoldt of The Quilted Goose.
Inspired by Linda's vision, we at Fabrics N Quilts decided it was too hard for us to pick a few residents of our local nursing home to receive a quilt, so we decided to embark on a year-long community service project that would cover every resident with a new quilt.  The 138-bed facility also provides in-patient physical rehab, so we wanted to make sure we left a few excess quilts to handle turnover.  Our 145 goal seemed lofty, but as the months ticked by, it was soon clear that we would exceed that goal.  Our final quilt tally was 162!

 This was a labor of love for all those involved.  Many quilts had several hands in the completion, as we divided the tasks among our many hands.  Most quilt tops were made by one quilter,  quilted by a second, bound and labelled by a third.  Sometimes even a 3rd or 4th hand touched the quilt as we divided the construction tasks.  I tried to keep a list of all our contributors & want to recognize each of you for your contribution to this project.  If I have forgotten anyone, I sincerely apologize in advance.  Some months we had quilts coming and going in rapid fashion!
Many hands make light work & though you may feel undeserving of credit for the completion of this year's Community Service Project, I assure you that without each of you, this would not have been a success.  Thank you!

Barb Harvey
Barbara Terry
Bernice Peavyhouse
Beulah Pennycuff
Bonnie Sullivan
David Luinstra
Debbie Hart
Delois Bledsoe (Pickett County)
Diana Smead
Eileen Powell
Geneva Beaty
Jaime Blevins
Jan Davis
Janie Jenkins (Pickett County)

Joann Simpson
Justine Upchurch
Karen Smith
Louann Callahan
Lynn Schuster

Marlene Thomas (Crossville)
Martha Sells
Marty Stockton (Knoxville)
Mary Slaven
Mickey White (Indiana)

Nancy Gernt
Pamela Kissel
Patricia Hinds
Patsy Littrell
Sandra David
Sandy Brendel
Shannon Ownby
Sharon Lyons
Sherri Stilts
Sue Crooks
Sue Klienfelter (Pickett County)
Susie Traughbauer (Kentucky)

Suzann Huff (Monterey)
Teri Stout (Florida)
Woodie Trentham (Knoxville)
Several Ohio & Kentucky quilters from the Jabez Quilt Seminar, 2016

Thank you to the quilters who attended the party and enjoyed the time with the residents.

To see pictures of the residents receiving their quilts, check out this Facebook post by Signature Healthcare of Fentress County: